Barbie and Kens Covid19 Lockdown Wedding 2020

Emma Morgan Photography | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Newquay Wedding Photographer | Barbie and Ken's Wedding


Barbie and Ken's Lockdown Wedding 2020


What has it been like being a Wedding photographer during Covid19 here in Cornwall.

It's been 7 weeks in the Covid19 Lockdown and what a 7 weeks it has been. I've gone from having one of the busiest years of photographing weddings to date, full of some amazing new wedding venues to the smallest. That first day of lockdown and all of the uncertainty it brought and is still bringing was something we'll never forget. The panic set in for me as a wedding photographer and small business owner and reading so much conflicting information online did not help the situation at all. I decided to not listen to every little thing I heard and contacted the relevant people to find out what was happening and what I should do.

My Wedding couples were getting in touch by the bucket loads, what a stressful and upsetting time for them all to even have to consider changing their dates and if so how far in the future would they have to go? It was a no brainer for me, my wedding couples chose me as their photographer for a reason. So the easiest thing for me to do was to work with my couples, their venues and big suppliers as best I could and ease their worries to set a date we could all work with. This was all done with no extra costs, yes I have lost financially this year and possibly next year due to dates being moved and more dates now being taken, but I feel we are all in this
together and if I can help make things easier for my couples then I will.

So what has my 7 weeks lockdown looked like? Well my work life has always been for most parts at home, so I have been doing more on my website, marketing, book keeping, online training, designing wedding albums, taking bookings for 2021 and 2022 so things are still very busy work wise.

Now add to that two children at home to school, one of which is a 13 year old teenager and the other a 11 year old wanna be teenager, like most of you, I feel there's not five minutes to myself. What with the 'Mum!!", "Mum can I have a drink!", "Mum can you get me something to eat", "Mum what's this mean", "Mum how do you do this", " Mum...Mum...Mum.....!!" lol Who else has felt like this? I mean I'm home 24hrs a day, I get out to shop for food once a week and we go on daily walks, but jeez, I don't stop, come bed time, I'm asleep before my head hits the pillows!

In all seriousness we've done amazingly well. Yes it's hard to get them out of bed in the morning, it's hard to get them off their phones, it's hard to try and get them to study and get them to bed at a decent hour. But my main priority is that they are happy and having fun. We've been baking, trying out different recipes, playing games, gardening, painting and drawing and much more. This is massive for them, they miss their friends, they miss being able to just go out, they miss but they understand and they are very smart when it comes to Covid19, they just want people to listen, stay at home so they can be back to harbour jumping, swimming in
the sea and playing on the beach of an evening.

I really have missed meeting people and photographing weddings. This is why I decided to put together this little (well turns out not so little) photography project. Yes as you probably guessed from the title, I photographed Barbie and Ken's Wedding!! lol.

It kept my mind fresh, allowed me to try new things and get creative. We had so much fun doing this and really went to town. Every aspect of a wedding has been covered as best we could, from Bridal prep to first dance and these photos really do reflect a real wedding day and the sort of photographs I capture. Please look through all of the photographs and let me know what you think, I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as I did setting them up. 

Please feel free to share far and wide, lets get this seen. Just let people know it was by little old me that took the

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Emma Morgan Photography | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Newquay Wedding Photographer | Barbie and Ken's Wedding

Look at the awesome hair stylist doing her thing!

The Makeup Artist working her magic

We always like to photograph both couples when we can, here is the Groom getting ready with his Best man.

Here is the Brides mum getting Barbie into her dress, they almost look like

The Bridesmaids and Flower girls first look of the Bride in her Wedding Dress

Aww Dad see's Bride for the first time as he peers in through the door, I love this part of the day!

It's nearly time the Groom is welcoming the guests arriving

Emma Morgan Photography | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Cornwall Wedding Venues | Barbie Mattel

The Bride, her Dad and the Bridesmaids are arriving

Here comes the Bride...eek

Father of the Bride giving his beautiful daughter Barbie away

Ken's Best man handing over the ring

Wohooo you are now husband and wife, you may kiss the Bride

I love the confetti shot

Taking the bride and Groom away for some couple portraits

The Wedding Breakfast

...and on into evening entertainment and the first dance

Emma Morgan Photography | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Newquay Wedding Venues | Barbie Mattel

End of the night Twilight photographs

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Emma Morgan Photography | Cornwall Wedding Photographer | Newquay Wedding Photographer | Barbie and Ken's Wedding


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