Why do you no longer offer USB only?

The reason I no longer offer USB only is purely because I feel I would not be doing my job as a photographer by not giving you the complete product. What better way to display and view your most precious moments in an album that will hold your photographs for ever. To share with family, children, grandchildren and beyond. Printed images are just the most perfect thing to keep. 

If I gave you a USB only, the images would be on that drive, maybe a few uploads on social media then put away in a drawer for when you have time to go through and print your favourite. I can tell you now that as a photographer, I am exactly the same, I have the most wonderful photographs of my family, but they were all on the computer. I have now designed myself family albums and framed images for my home and family homes.

I have also spent a very long time sourcing the best companies to print your image. Their colours, papers and shelf life beat any company you would print from yourself.

Can we have the digital files?

Yes, every collection allows you to download full sized high resolution images from your private online gallery straight to your own device. Or for £99 I can place the images on one of my branded USB's for ease

When Should I book?

I take bookings sometimes 2 years in advance to guaranteee the popular dates, but even last minute bookings come in months before If I have availability

How do we pay?
An invoice will automatically send out to you for the booking fee of 25% and then 4 weeks before the wedding date will automatically send you a reminder that the final balance is due. Wihtin the invoice are my bank details and address, for you to pay via BACs or post a Cheque. I do not accept paypal or Credit Cards

COVID19 information: Booking Fee's are currently now only £100 


Do we have to meet in person first?

As much as I love to meet my couples over a cuppa and get to know them, I understand that meeting in person is sometimes difficult with work, home and living away. I am happy to take bookings via email, skype or telephone call and then try and meet when ever is possible

Where are you based?

I am based in Newquay, Cornwall but Travel all over the UK and abroad for weddings

How do we book you?

You can book in person, via email, skype or telephone call.

What happens after we’ve booked?

Once I have your Wedding details and names and address, I will forward you an invoice so you can pay the 25% booking fee required, read my T&C's, Privacy Policy and sign a contract

Then 4 weeks before we will try to arrange a consultation whether that be at the venue, or over the phone to go over all of the finer details of the day. The final payment is due 4 weeks prior to the wedding date

What if you’ve never photographed at our venue before?

I love to photograph at new venues. If I haven't been to that venue I will research/visit the venue to find out everything I need to know

What happens after the wedding?

After the wedding the images will be backed up, sorted and edited. This process takes 4-6 weeks, then I will post to your online gallery for you view.
I will also post a sneak peak within a couple of days on social media for you to share.

Can I have all of the photos you take, without editing?

No. I take many photographs on the day, more than needed. I remove all test shots, duplicates and photographs of people blinking or pulling funny faces. Once I have removed these I apply my own personal style to each individual image. You then receive these with my personal touch applied

Do you have back up equipment?

Yes, I bring extra cameras, lenses, batteries and SD cards and my camera has double SD slots, one of which backs up the other

Will our photographs be backed up?

Yes, your images are backed up on my computer and 2 external hardrives

Are you insured?

Yes I have professional indemnity and personal liability for us both and my equipment

Do we have to purchase a meal for you?
I am quite happy to order my own food if there is availability for this. Some venues are in the middle of nowhere and also close their kitchens during the wedding. Also there is no need to seat me at the venue, I am happy to sit elsewhere with a drink and small bite to eat, whilst you are all eating, as I am up and down and organising myself for later in the day.

Can I purchase parent albums?

Yes, Once we are in the stages of album design, I will ask if you would like to purchase any parent albums, USB's, prints or canvases. 

Can you photograph Bride and Groom Prep?

I work on my own and manage to capture everything I need to. If the Groom is getting ready in the same venue then of course, I will capture you both and go from room to room. If however the Groom is getting ready at a different location I wouldn't be able to do this, but will capture him and guests arriving before the ceremony

If you feel you really want Groom prep there is the option to pay for another photographer, this is also a good option for Church Wedding's, when there I am unable to move around as freely as I would like and you require a couple of different angles.