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Newborn By Emma Morgan Photography

What to expect.

A Newborn Session can take 2-3 hours, I will not rush at all during the day and let the baby take the lead. I will spend lots of the time holding and cuddling your little one, so they get used to me and so that I can get them sleepy ready for their photo's.


Please make sure that the morning of the session, you keep your little one entertained and busy so when they came to the session they will be nice and sleepy ready, and not wanting to play.


A baby with a full belly is a happy and content baby. Please feed your little one as soon to the session as you can or if possible when you arrive at the studio and be prepared to feed a few times during the session. 


Please bring plenty of muslin clothes and nappies, your baby may well wee and poop a lot but please do not get flustered about this, it happens all the time.


The room will be toasty and warm ready for the newborn session, so you may like to dress in lighter clothes or layers. I use fan heaters on the posing bean bag and props to ensure your naked baby doesn't feel too exposed to the cold. I use white noise throughout the session to settle the baby which has proven to be a great comfort to newborns.


The safety of your Newborn is the most important part of the session to me. I have been trained by one of the UK's leading Newborn Photographer's Karen Wiltshire who was trained herself by Grand Master Damian Mcgillicuddy


When I get your little one into a deep sleep, I will then be able to position them into the cutest of poses. Not all babies like certain poses, but I can ensure you I will try my best to get a position that they feel comfortable in.


Thank you



  • The majority of the session will be me stood up with the baby rocking them asleep, this could sometimes take longer than taking photographs.
  • The baby will lead the session, if they are hungry we will stop to feed. If bottle fed, please bring extra bottles. If breast fed, you just carry on. As there is a lot of waking and moving compared to nomal, babies tend to feed more during these sessions.
  • If your baby has a dummy, please bring them along to the session, as we may need them to soothe the little one
  • I may need your help at times for certain poses or just to have a hand close by for your babies safety.
  • The room will be warm as the majority of the time your little one will be naked for the poses
  • Please feel free to bring snacks or a book and take this time to relax


Where are we based?

Crantock St. Studios

Rear of 31 Crantock Street,  Newquay,  Cornwall TR7 1JJ

Our nearest Carpark: St Georges Road, Carpark, Newquay, TR7 1TD